The Herbal Way

The Simple Path for Creating a Seasonal Herbal Lifestyle

When it’s time for you to for yourself
…tend to others
…relax and rejuvenate
…nourish your body
 …support illness 

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The Herbal Way?

Our lives are richer with healthful, nurturing plant allies. Get started on the plant path today!

Live with the Seasons, Connect with the Plants
and Create the Herbal Home You Desire! 

The Herbal Way is a natural path to an herb-focused lifestyle, designed to create the habit of reaching for a delicious, healing or helpful plant throughout all parts of your day.  

The Herbal Way is for those who wish to get on the plant path--simply and easily--and move toward living life in relationship with botanical allies.  It's how our ancestors did it and we can reclaim this way of living for ourselves.

The Herbal Way program guides you through the steps of intending and connecting to the ways of bringing herbs into your daily life that makes the most sense for you!  

Do you Cook? Garden? Craft? Hike? All the things you love can be made even better when you add an herbal twist!

The Herbal Way is a step by step program that leads you through 4 stages of creating an herbally-inspired lifestyle!

 -We start with PLANTING THE SEEDS by preparing and clearing space for the plants to be in our lives. This segment is all about helping you set up your home apothecary and includes a supply list, ideas for organizing, and a list of suggested herbs to have on hand. 

 - Next we tend to our new herbal lifestyle by WATERING THE SPROUTS through daily small actions that create herbal habits. This section digs deeper into your lifestyle and the areas of your life where you can begin to introduce herbs: Self-Care, Home and Garden, Kitchen and Cooking. s

. - Now we're getting in the groove and actually TENDING THE PLANTS, i.e. experiencing the sensory goodness that comes from naturally infusing herbs and healing plants into our routines. We'll learn tea blending and tea making and then meet 5 of my favorite tea herbs and get to know them better.

Finally, it's time to SMELL THE FLOWERS as we celebrate your new-found herbal lifestyle!

About The Herbal Way

THE HERBAL WAY IS SEASONAL. To be in relationship with healing and beneficial plants means to be in tune with the cycles of nature. Following the natural rhythms of Earth and Ecosystem brings us back closer to the way our bodies are meant to live. As seasons change, so do our instinctive ways of connecting with the natural world through what we're harvesting. Whether we gather from wild places, our yards, or the produce section of our grocery store, we're learning to bring healing and healthful herbs into our homes.  

THE HERBAL WAY IS NATURAL. Creating an herbal lifestyle can feel overwhelming at first. You aren't an herbalist. You don't live in the country or have a green thumb. How could this work for you?  Luckily, it doesn't matter where you live or how much you already know. The Herbal Way approach meets you where you are right now, and helps you incorporate botanical allies into the areas of your life that feel most natural by focusing on three main areas: personal care; home and garden; food and cooking. You choose your favorite starting point!

THE HERBAL WAY IS COMMUNITY. I created The Herbal Way so that people with a desire to live an herbally-inspired life can have a guided pathway to success. I know that going it alone may feel confusing at first!  By joining The Herbal Way Community, you have the ongoing guidance and support you need to stay on your herbal journey at whatever level works best for you. Share your successes and get your questions answered, all within the private community.

Here's What Others are Saying About Alison's Programs!

“I am very new to knowing what I am doing with herbs or how to intentionally put them to play in my life. You are sparking my creativity and I am having a blast!” 

~ Brandee

"You are such an amazing teacher! I love the info you give us about each herb and flower you share. I always learn something new!"

 ~ Cheryl

 “This has really been inspiring and got me thinking a lot more of how to incorporate these herbs into my daily life. It's just so simple--I love it!”  

~ Tina

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Does the Herbal Way Work? 

The Herbal Way is a guided experience that will inspire you to create an herbal home and lifestyle. There are daily activities and ideas; one tip "goes live" daily for 21 days from the time you purchase the course. Along with the daily program, you will also receive a 1 year membership in The Herbal Way Community where you can share and connect with others on the herbal path. The community includes a live monthly herbal meet-up on Zoom where we can share our successes and get questions answered.  

Should I Do All of the Activities in the Course?

Maybe. It's up to you how deep you wish to go in creating your herbal lifestyle. But if you follow the tips I give you, by the end of the program you will have created a whole new space in your home and in your life - for nurturing, delicious and healing herbs. 

Do I Have to Do Something Every Day?

No! You will receive one tip per day so that you can keep yourself thinking of and moving toward the desire you committed to. You may decide that you want to wait until the weekend to group activities, gather supplies and so on. This is YOUR Herbal Way so do what works best for you. 

How Much Time Will it Take?

Each of the daily activities varies in depth and commitment. During the first segment, you are setting up a space, shopping for supplies and getting organized. This can take a bit of extra time. Segments 2 & 3 are all about creating habits and making herbs a part of your daily routine. At first you'll need to think and plan--but by the end of the program The Herbal Way will be a natural part of your lifestyle!

Benefits of Joining The Herbal Way

 Monthly Seasonal Updates

The Herbal Way Program is not a static course! Each month we focus on the seasonality of the plants and our health, with timely tips and more.

Be Part of a Community

Membership in The Herbal Way Community is your connection so you can share and learn from others on the same herbal lifestyle path

Fixed Annual Membership!

Your annual membership includes access to all course materials + the community! Join now and keep the $97 annual price for life!  

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The Herbal Way Course Curriculum

Herbal Way Members also have exclusive access to The Herbal Way Community. In the community, we share our successes, ask questions and get support with others who are committed to creating an herbal home.

The community works just like a social feed where everyone can post, comment and share with other members. It's so important to have a group of like-minded herb-lovers to share our journeys with!

Alison Magill

Hello! I'm Alison. I'm an herbalist, ecologist and educator who loves all things botanical, herbal and green! Decades ago I began living the Herbal Way by following a plant journey that led me to the herbally-inspired life I now live.

What does that look like? It’s the daily practice of infusing beneficial herbs into all aspects of my lifestyle: what I eat, my personal care and my environment.Living an herbally-inspired life allows me to enjoy the sensual experiences that plants provide: the scent of an aromatic herb, the taste of a well-flavored meal, the beauty and textures of living plants in my environment.

As an herbalist and gardener, I know the deep healing that comes from tending. We care for the plants and they care for us. Incorporating beautiful, nutritious and healing plants into our daily lives gives us an earth-centered and grounding connection that we all need in this fast-paced, tech-focused world.

I love living an herbally-inspired life and I know you will love it too! Let's get started on creating YOUR Herbal Way.  I'm so glad you're joining me here in the Well Cultivated Life Community!