About Me

Hello! I'm Alison. I am an herbalist, ecologist, educator, flower essence practitioner and seed saver who loves all things botanical, mindset and personal health. Connecting with the healing power of plant allies is a lifelong study and passion. 

I believe that the most important thing we can do to promote a healthy lifestyle is to spend more time in the company of plants. Whether it be more time outside, growing a garden or a window box, eating plants or using plants as medicine - it’s all beneficial to our health. In fact, I love and care for plants so much - you might even call me a Crazy Plant Lady!!!

I work with individuals who wish to deepen their relationship with plants, through finding their own plant allies. By accessing your intuitive connection to nature, you gain support and insight for your life journey.

I offer consultations, courses and workshops online and in-person.   Join my free herbal community here: https://www.cultivatedlife.community